Contortion and Flexibility Classes

Want to stretch your limits and take on new challenges in your flexibility? One of these classes may be for you! Flexibility and Contortion Classes offer a wide range of passive and dynamic stretches to increase flexibility and strength.

Pendulum has specialized in contortion for 15 years. Heading these contortion classes is Stephanie Cadd and Sydney Nagy who have trained exclusively with world renowned Mongolian contortionist, Tsengee Byambadorj. They are part of Twisted Sisters Circus that have appeared on The Ellen Show, The Gong show and This Time Next Year.

Aerial Hoop & Handbalancing Classes

Learn to gracefully dance in the air and strengthen your technique with the fundamentals of aerial hoop! This class will work on many skills up in the air as well as conditioning ground skills.

Instructing these classes is Sydney Nagy, an experienced performer and company member. As well as training exclusively with world renowned Mongolian contortionist, Tsengee Byambadorj, being a part of Twisted Sisters Circus on The Ellen Show, The Gong Show, and This Time Next Year, Sydney has trained and performed with many talented aerialists and handbalancers.  She has had the honor of working with many cast members of Cirque du Soleil and the most prestigious circus school, École Nationale de Cirque.

Aerial Silks and Trapeze Classes

These classes offer both instruction in aerial silks and trapeze. Develop new strength and learn new tricks up in the air in these classes!

Learn from one of Pendulum’s qualified performers, Liza Myachina. She is a well rounded aerialist with years of experience training silks, trapeze and other disciplines including ground skills. She is a Pendulum company member and has performed alongside the company for years.

Private Lessons

For a one-on-one session in any of these disiplines schedule a private lesson today!