Aerial Classes

Aerial Hoop & Hand-balancing Classes

Saturday’s 10:00-12:30pm

Current Term: March 2nd-April 20th (8-weeks)

Next Term: May 11th-June 8th (5-weeks)

Tuition for 5-week Series: $187.50

What to wear/bring

Ages: 8&up, Tight-fitting clothing, no jewelry or piercings, hair slicked back, clothing that covers below the knees.

*Please purchase above then fill out this contact form, and bring this waiver to the first day of class.

Prerequisites for Aerial Hoop Classes:

All flat splits, Ability to hang for 15 sec, at least 5 assisted pull-ups, at least 5 assisted leg lifts, 5 push ups, 30 sec wall handstand, bridge.


If you are planning on missing any classes please let the coach know beforehand. There are no makeup classes within these 7-week terms.

Contact Suzanne if you have any questions or would like to discuss alternative payment options.