We are thrilled to announce that our very own Stephanie Cadd & Sydney Nagy have been won third place in the Circus Star USA Competion!  Circus Star USA is produced by The Aerial Classroom circus school in L.A.  Pendulum’s premiere contortionists Stephanie Cadd & Sydney Nagy performed this past September and won third place! We are so thrilled for them !

A word from Sydney:

Stephanie and my duo contortion act is really about being connected and working as a duo––not just two soloists.  We have many tricks in our act in which the success of the trick is based on the quality of the teamwork, and the aesthetic of the tricks are also dependent on how well we work together.  We choreographed our act with the theme of “intertwined” or “interconnected” in mind, and have places or shapes in which we demonstrate this theme literally by being intertwined, and other times we demonstrate our connectivity through our synchronized movements or our visual connection with each other.  We have been working on this act for almost six months, and throughout we have had many wonderfully artistic and talented people watch it (Tsengee, Suzie, Tanya, Madi, etc) and give us feedback on how to improve and how to grow as artists, contortionists, and duo partners.  This act is one of my personal favourite contortion acts that I have even created and/or been a part of, and I am thrilled to go on this journey with Stephanie to LA to show our act to yet another set of talented and artistic eyes.

A word from Stephanie:

Creating this act with Sydney has been the highlight of this past year for me. It has been inspiring to see our progress throughout the creation of our act. We were able to grow together as artists and work as a team. It was really about being a team and working together that made this act possible. A lot of the movement and tricks in our act require trust and the ability to move as a pair not as an individual. We decided that the word intertwined was a good theme to influence the creation of our act. Our movement was based on this theme and helped us stay connected throughout the process. It has been such an amazing experience for me and I’m so grateful to have such a wonderfully talented partner and amazing director/coaches to help us throughout this year. I’m so excited for everything that is to come.



Posted by Pendulum Aerial Arts on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wow what a wild week of creation for our upcoming spring student production we just had here at Pendulum🎪Having premiered our first youth production in 2000 each year it seems we face challenges in getting the show to the stage. This year was no different with the sudden and abrupt departure of one of the Co-Directors of the show the cast was left feeling thrown under the bus with the show in complete disarray. What we have accomplished in very short order has been so inspiring for me to be part of and witness too.These young ladies ages 11-19 are inspiring beyond belief.Everyone in the cast stayed open and focused to the many changes we had to make and we turned a negative into a positive! Way to go team your show is going to be something you can all be so so proud of and what a sense of accomplishment and lessons were learned through this challenging creative process. Lesson :That life can throw you many curve balls keep your eye on the goal and remember never to give up on your dreams🎪The true meaning of team work is what you all have displayed 👭I am so proud of you all 💗Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the show with :Cory Allen , Madi Knox , Rosie Rogmans,Mary Hunt, Luis Torres B, Stephanie Cadd, Sydney Nagy, Rachel Barrington , Alexandria Nagy,Liza Myachina , Mckenzie Beam ,Lucy Pickering and Ellen Pearson.Get your tix to Oublie @Pendulumaerialarts.orgSuzanne KenneyArtistic Director Sneak peak of our Duo Contortion Act Sydney Nagy and Stephanie Cadd

Posted by Pendulum Aerial Arts on Monday, April 10, 2017