The Intermediate Program is designed for students displaying great interest and potential in the circus arts. Intermediate students receive approximately 12 hours of weekly training in various aerial disciplines, contortion, dance styles and acrobatics. Possible public performances, workshops, partial private lessons and regular monthly check-ins that compliment the program.

Pendulum intermediate students are expected to have a strong work ethic, dedication and be supportive of others in the company. Safety is of the utmost importance and is achieved through self-confidence and respect for classmates, coaches and equipment. Focusing on quality of movement and not just tricks, Pendulum’s Intermediate students are given the tools they need to make this unique art form an expression of artistry and skillful technique to potentially enter in our professional program.


Head of Program: Madeline Knox

Coach : Louis Torres

  • Program begins Feb. 3 2018
  • 12 hours of training each week during Fall and Spring semesters
  • Schedule to be Tuesday 6-9pm
  •  Saturday 10-4pm
  • Open Gym Optional Friday 6-9 Price point: $13.00 an hour

Payment Options

Saturday Circus Sampler

  • 10:00am-12:00pm $690.00 for entire term!
  • 12:30-3:00pm $760.00 entire term!

Coach Luis Torres

Class Options


  • five pull ups
  • three leg lifts [toes to the bar]


  • flat, squared front split on at least one side
  • able to hold a bridge for 10 seconds
  • able to touch toes from standing


  • pull over unassisted
  • stomach balance
  • back balance
  • tempo from knees to sitting
  • comfortable with standing and rope tricks [ex: high bird’s nest]


  • able to climb a 30 ft silk
  • proficiency in straddle climbs
  • able to invert with straight legs
  • single and double foot keys
  • hip key


For more information and price points please contact Suzanne Kenney:


Admission to the Professional Training Program is by audition and requires a commitment of two full performance seasons. Video submissions may be used for long-distance candidates.

Submit audition material to Suzanne Kenney at