Dave Eggar


Dave Eggar was a musical prodigy who began to play cello and piano at age three and perform as a singer and actor on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera at age seven. He trained as a classical cellist at the Juilliard School, and later graduated from Harvard University and the Juilliard School’s Doctoral Program. He was a founding member of the FLUX quartet, and has premiered over 100 works of contemporary music. He has composed extensively for classical and contemporary dance, and has collaborated as composer or featured performer with companies such as the New York City Ballet, Shen Wei Dance Arts and Hammerstep. He toured extensively in 2012 with his band Deoro and with NPR New Songs winner, Amber Rubarth. In 2012-14, he toured and appeared on national TV as a member of American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips’ band. He has appeared in Pendulum’s productions of High Art in 2010 and 2012 and is pleased to be back in Portland.

Sasha Lazard


Sasha Lazard is internationally acclaimed for her pristine and richly expressive soprano and her visionary artistry. Fearlessly heeding her inner directive as an interpreter of songs, she’s explored iconic traditional forms of iconoclastic modern music genres with authority and authenticity, and, in turn, innovated a new sound. Her musicality, mesmerizing performances, breathtaking sense of style, and associations with luxury brands, lend Sasha an aura of glamorous mystique. Four records in, and numerous shows worldwide, she’s at the height of her powers. For her fifth album, Lumiere, released in May 2014, Sasha has made the decision to peel back her public veneer and craft an elegantly personal album with her own original compositions. Several songs from Lumiere are featured in High Art/Full Circle. Sasha has collaborated with Pendulum since 2002, appearing in On the Fly (2003) and Crimson Cabaret (2005) as well as in the 2012 premiere and 2012 tour of High Art.

Chuck Palmer


Composer, producer, percussionist Chuck Palmer has performed and recorded with a myriad of artists including RJD2, Frank Ocean, Dr. Ralph Stanley, John Patitucci, Phillip Phillips, The City and Horses, Waway Saway of the Talaandig Tribe, and Amy Lee of Evanescence. He is a graduate of Capital University, where he majored in percussion with Robert Breithaupt. He co-produced Dave Eggar’s Grammy-nominated release Kingston Morning and is a founding member of their group Deoro. Chuck Palmer’s debut solo record, Waiting on the Rain, was released in 2013 and is available on iTunes. Chuck performed during Pendulum’s 2012 tour of High Art.

Fabio Dorrea


Tammy Zarb