Pendulum Aerial Arts proudly presents “BlancNoir”

This show explores the juxtaposition of light versus dark, black versus white, and good versus evil. These contrasts are all just a matter of perspective: if you look into one aspect, you lose sight of the other. Through the process of designing the show, the artists reflected on how these ideas are manifested in their own lives and the effect they have on their own creative processes.

BlancNoir is fully choreographed and created by the artists and students of Pendulum Aerial Arts whose ages range from 9 to 20 years old. The ability for the cast to work together on this show has heightened the group dynamic and empowered them as individuals and artists. Thanks to the guidance and support of Tsengee Byambadorj, Luis Torres Barragan, and Suzanne Kenney, the artists have the privilege of presenting BlancNoir to the community.

April 2018

27th – 7:00 pm

28th – 2:00 pm

29th – 2:00 pm

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Adults $15

Youth (under 8) Free!

To reserve free tickets for youth under the age of 8 years old, please email;


Photography by Amie Musselwhite