Under the direction of Suzanne Kenney, named one of the top 5 women in circus, Pendulum has been an innovator in both aerial performance and education in the United States, mixing dance, acrobatics, theatre and storytelling with contemporary circus arts.

Pendulum’s productions create a stunning visual journey for audiences that break the barriers of traditional art forms and fuse mixed genres while weaving artistically compelling stories that inspire and entertain audiences and performers alike. Today, motivated by a passion for telling stories and inspiring youth, the company collaborates with cross-disciplinary performers to create new works ranging from vaudeville style entertainment to narrative-driven contemporary productions. Visually stunning and emotionally moving, Pendulum’s work is a window into strength, beauty, joy, and the desire to take risks. The company has created twenty-five original productions and was touring nationally from 2011 to 2014.

Pendulum’s education program, originally created in 2000 as an Artist in Residency program at the French American International School, strives to encourage creativity, personal growth and physical fitness for youth, particularly pre-teen and teenage girls. In keeping with Pendulum’s core values, the program focuses on both technical excellence and finding one’s artistic heart. With the increased popularity of aerial arts in the US along with Pendulum’s reputation for excellence, the program has grown dramatically, providing an avenue for hundreds of future artists to realize their potential.

Since Pendulum’s inception, event entertainment has been a cornerstone of its offerings. Pendulum’s elite artists have provided entertainment for over 200 events, with an emphasis in supporting the non-profit community.

Throughout its history, Pendulum has been honored to collaborate with some of the best artists working in the fields of aerial arts and contemporary circus. Some of the artists who have helped inform the artistry and technical excellence of the organization are:

  • Elsie Smith (USA) 2001
  • Nicole Pearson (UK) 2004-present
  • Frederique Deb & Jacques Bertrand (France) 2004
  • Marianne Dargis (Canada) 2005
  • Fabio Dorea (Brazil/Canada) 2005-06
  • Andrew Adams & Erika Gilfeather (USA) 2005- present
  • Katia Serano & Sebastian Stella (France) 2006
  • Tammy Zarb (Australia) 2007
  • Tanya Burka (Canada) 2007- present
  • Anna Vigeland (Canada) 2008-present
  • Melissa Kellerman (USA) 2008-2016
  • Robb Wexler (USA) 2009
  • James Frith (UK) 2009-present
  • Tsengee Byambordj (Mongolia) 2009-present
  • Christian Fitzharris (USA) 2010
  • Alixa Sutton (USA) 2010
  • Chelsea O’ Brian  (Canada) 2012
  • Sofranie Trencia (Canada) 2012
  • Martin Frenette (Germany)  2012 and 2015
  • Anne Weisbecker (France) 2013-present
  • Rebecca Sukhanova (England) 2014-2015